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Journalist Contacts for your business

Looking to contact journalists? Jona has journalist lists for you!

These journalist contact lists are called media lists. The right media list is the ultimate PR tool!

We have over 75 media lists - AI, Tech, and Blockchain to name a few.

Each list contains seven data points for each journalist. Journalist emails, publications, and their interests - we've got you covered.

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These media lists are based on different topics. Each has around 200 unique journalist contacts. They will save you
hours of effort, and provide accurate contact details.

The lists is made by our in-house PR experts. They are the most inexpensive way to get media coverage!

The best part? Each list has a one-time price of $39. You can keep them forever!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Jona also offers custom medialists. You give the keywords, we'll find the journalists. It's that simple.

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Inside our Media Lists

Journalist Profile

Media Outlet

Email Address

Social Media


What Our Valued Users Say

They delivered fast, and even created a new industry specific list at my request.

Overall, I was very satisfied. :)

Dustin Iannotti

What Our Valued Users Say

I got 2 lists from Jonapr (tech and health) for an upcoming launch and was really impressed with the quality.

The 30$ are definitely worth the investment - it would have taken me ages to put together a list like this. Recommended!

Kathrin Folkendt

What Our Valued Users Say

We purchased a few of your media lists, and they're working phenomenally.

We have meetings with Vox, Washington Post and the WSJ after using the lists.

Tommy Griffith, ClickMinded

What Our Valued Users Say

Jona is so point and just what I needed, when I needed it. I checked out the site but didn't see a media list for my specific niche, which was arts and culture. I reached out and Jonapr delivered super fast, and did I mention how responsive (and friendly) they were? Affordable and worth the invest.

Niesha Kennedy

What Our Valued Users Say

Mona and Jit have created quite an affordable solution for DIY PR. The quality of their lists is quite high compare to alternatives and the $30 per list will save you more time (and money) than trying to compile the list yourself.

Hiten Shah, FYI