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Never spend on an expensive media database again. Pay one-time fee of $199 and Jona can take care of all your media lists requirements for life.  

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Jona gives you an option to resell / tranfer the license to someone else in future. You can even buy multiple licenses.

110% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t find Jona useful in the next 30 days, we will refund 110% of the Lifetime access fee.
So buy your lifetime access without any worry.

Access to All, Pay Once!
50+ Curated media lists
Whats included?
Human-curated lists so you don’t have to spend hours putting together list of journalists for your PR campaign.
50+ Curated Media Lists
Curated media lists for 50+ categories like  AI, Blockchain, Fintech, Fashion, Food, Health.
Free Custom Requests
If you don’t find what you are looking for - we will find the journalists for you for free.
All Future Updates for FREE
All updates to media lists will stay FREE.
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Jona‘s Lifetime Access is a Steal!

$199/one time
No. of journalists
1 million+
1 million+
1 million+
Didn’t find journalists? We will find it for you!
Lifetime Access
Type of Company
Scrappy & Bootstrapped
Raised $180million in 2022
Big Enterprise
Owned by SEMRush

Get the best value!!

1 million+ journalists
Limited Contacts
Didn’t find journalists? We will find it for you! NO!
Can you transfer license? NO!
Big Enterprise
1 million+ journalists
Limited Contacts
Didn’t find journalists? We will find it for you! NO!
Can you transfer license? NO!
Raised $180million in 2022
1 million+ journalists
Limited Contacts
Didn’t find journalists? We will find it for you! NO!
Can you transfer license? NO!
Raised $180million in 2022
$99/one time
100k+ journalists
Unlimited Contacts
Didn’t find journalists? We will find it for you! YES!
Can you transfer license YES!
Scrappy & Bootstrapped

What do you get in the future?

PR on Autopilot

Imagine putting your entire PR strategy on auto-pilot. Discover, Engage & Pitch - everything. When we build it - you get free access.

1Million+  Database

We are aiming to build a media database with million+ journalists and influencers by 2023.

Who is it for?

Indie hackers
PR professionals
PR agencies
Small businesses

Why should I buy Lifetime Access?

Existing media databases like Muckrack, Cision, and Prowly costs $3000+/year. They are great products for big businesses and public companies. But for a lot of PR folks, startups and indiehackers, who just need relevant media contacts, Jona is a great alternative.

Why sell at such a low price?

We are a bootstrapped company, so this is our way to raise funds to build a better, bigger and accurate database. The funds will also help us to build a technology to deliver real-time media lists for extremely specific requirements.
This is also a great way to reward early adoptears.

What’s the deal with “you can sell it if you want”?

We want to you look at Jona’s Lifetime Acess as an asset. Most product companies go for SaaS pricing. Some also offer lifetime access. But no one offers the ability to sell/transfer the access to someone else.

We want to experiment with a new form of pricing. It not only rewards early adopters who get to use the product but also offer the ability to sell it in future for a profit.

The $99 price is limited for first 1000 seats, after which it would be significantly higher.

What kind of returns am I looking at if I buy it as an investment?

If you look at current pricing of current media database solutions - it is safe to assume you can sell Jona’s lifetime access for $1000+ in 2-3 years.

That's a 1000% return on investment. And you can buy multiple licenses. Just that you can not sell the data in any form to a third party. Fair enough right?

You Are in a Good Company!

"Jona is so point and just what I needed, when I needed it. I checked out the site but didn't see a media list for my specific niche, which was arts and culture. I reached out and Jonapr delivered super fast, and did I mention how responsive (and friendly) they were? Affordable and worth the invest."

Niesha Kennedy

"We purchased a few of your media lists, and they're working phenomenally.

We have meetings with Vox, Washington Post and the WSJ after using the lists."

Niesha Kennedy


"They delivered fast, and even created a new industry specific list at my request.

Overall, I was very satisfied. :)"

Dustin Iannotti

"Mona and Jit have created quite an affordable solution for DIY PR. The quality of their lists is quite high compare to alternatives and the $30 per list will save you more time (and money) than trying to compile the list yourself."

Hiten Shah

Cofounder of Nira

"I got 2 lists from Jonapr (tech and health) for an upcoming launch and was really impressed with the quality.

The 30$ are definitely worth the investment - it would have taken me ages to put together a list like this. Recommended!"

Kathrin Folkendt


Clarify all you doubts. Or contact us and we will get back to you asap

I can just purchase a list at $39, why should I pay $199 for lifetime access?

While the getting a media list at $39 is great way to start your PR efforts. For another $60, you can buy similar lists in future for free. When we have a bigger database, you will get more relevant journalists and influencers for your PR and Marketing efforts.

Who is behind Jona?

Jona is started by Mona & Jit, creators of Promotehour. Promotehour started as a list of startup directories to promote a startup and has been used by 500k+ startups. It eventually extended it’s offering to providing affordable PR for startups.

How accurate is the database?

We strive to maintain 90% accuracy. We are putting systems in place to automatically update database for changes like journalists switching jobs or an influencer updating their contact info.

How can I sell the license?

Once we sell out the 1000 seats of the lifetime access , we will increase the price of the lifetime access and provide an option within the app to sell / transfer the license. You can also sell the license in open market.

Can I buy multiple licenses?

Yes, of course! You can buy multiple licensees.

What if I don’t find journalists relevant for my campaign?

Just write to us at and we will find the journalists for you for FREE.

Can I sell the data / lists to my clients?

No. While you can use the lists to execute PR campaigns for you or your clients, you can not sell the media data / journalists to your clients or any third party.

How do you source contact information of journalists?

We secure contact information from public sources and partners.

Can I see sample data?

Sure, here is a sample data.

I have further questions: where should I contact?

Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to answer.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do have a refund policy. If you don’t find Jona valuable enough, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Still have questions?

Get 50+ curated media lists at just $199 (one time)

Jona offers curated media lists for 50+ Categories and 40+ Countries at just $39. It is a great alternative to media solutions like MuckRack, Cision, PRNewsWire, Prowly, etc.