Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the media list? 

As soon as you make the payment, we will send you the spreadsheet in .xlsx format on your email address.

How frequently do you update the list?

We update the list every quarter and also add new journalists to the existing lists.

Do you provide country-specific list of journalists? 

Currently we have journalists from English-speaking countries. Mostly from US, Europe, Canada, Australia & India. But we don't have country specific lists yet. We will have those lists ready in couple of months.

How can I buy multiple lists? 

To buy multiple lists, click on the buy link of the list and exit the payment prompt. The list will be added to the cart which will show up on the top-right corner. You can add more lists and then make a final payment.

Is there alternate option to pay beside Gumroad?

You can pay via PayPal. Just pick the 'Pay via PayPal' option on the payment prompt. Alternatively you can also pay via credit card with PayPal. Just select the option 'Pay as a guest' when PayPal asks you to sign-in.

Can you help with the PR strategy / pitch writing?

Of course, we would love to. Just drop us a message here and we will help you out.